Peter Hamre
Peter Hamre

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Peter Hamre Nøvik

Hi, i'm Peter Hamre!

ICT systems architect

Using amazing technology I define the architecture and requirements of custom solutions. I develop applications to enhance the efficiency of classic routine dominated operations helping companies to rethink and adopt the technology's opportunities. Daily managing the communication and development process between Norwegian clients and Indian developers at PANTEON.



An outsourcing company for development services. Through branch in Norway and developers in India, PANTEON offer labor at reasonable prices. Our services ranges from individual small projects to larger and lasting projects with dedicated teams.

FOUNDED: 2014 | REVENUE: NOK 32.000.000 (2019) | SHARES: 70% PANTEON


An import company. Distributes cosmetics and skin care products for hairdressers and salons in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

FOUNDED: 2015 | REVENUE: NOK 29.000.000 (2019) | SHARES: 17% SALONGPARTNER AS


DUELL Point Of Sale software and hardware supplier. Specializes in cloud-based solutions in specific industries like service industries, takeaway, coffee shops and retail. One of very few providers that offers solutions custom to client's requirements.

FOUNDED: 2016 | REVENUE: NOK 7.000.000 (2019) | SHARES: 47% KASSESERVICE AS


Property management and holding company for several sections in Kartheia 5, Kristiansand.

FOUNDED: 2017 | REVENUE: NOK 600.000 (2017) | SHARES: 50%

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