Peter Hamre
Peter Hamre

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+47 950 56 312

Peter Hamre Nøvik

Hi, i'm Peter Hamre!

ICT systems architect

Using amazing technology I define the architecture and requirements of custom solutions. I develop applications to enhance the efficiency of classic routine dominated operations helping companies to rethink and adopt the technology's opportunities. Daily managing the communication and development process between Norwegian clients and Indian developers at PANTEON.


Name // Nick

Peter Hamre Nøvik // @spikre


BORN: 21.04.1993

LOC: Approx N58°15′24″ W8°01′71″ (also known as Kristiansand, NORWAY)

LANG: Norwegian (C2), Neo-Norwegian (C1), English (C1), Danish (B1), Swedish (B1), German (A1)

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Company information

Personal company: Spikre WEB, NO 996 848 175 MVA
Markens gate 34, 6th floor, 4608 KRISTIANSAND, NORWAY

Limited company: Spikre Invest AS, NO 914 000 076 MVA
More information available at

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